Kate Davies


Kate Davies - Receptionist
Kate Davies Receptionist

Back in 2004 I fancied a change of direction and to work nearer to home, so I browsed the good old B&R and there it was a ‘Wanted general help at Coles & Coles‘ veterinary surgeons. I applied and was lucky enough to be selected, being told at my interview I must be a strong young lady as I played rugby for Gwernfyed Ladies, and capable as I was a farmer’s daughter – ‘what qualifications’! So I joined the team at Lamb House. 

In 2006 a dishevelled looking farming client came in to the surgery and my heart did a little flutter, ‘mm’ he seems nice but in general need of a some TLC, and there it is 15yrs and 2 children later I provide the TLC, farm labour, childcare and general dogsbody but I would not change a thing. 

In 2007 David and Ros retired, selling the practice to a partnership of up and coming young vets ‘Hay Veterinary Group’ I remain in their employment to this day, having seen them grow and move to their present larger premises, where I am part of a much larger team.