If you are looking to book a cat vaccination, please be aware that there is an ongoing shortage of some cat vaccines affecting all UK Veterinary practices. Find out more here.


View our small animal price list below


  Standard Price
Routine Consultation £45.00


  Standard Price
Dog/Puppy Primary Vaccination Course £72.00
Dog Annual Booster Vaccination (no Kennel Cough vaccine) £52.00
Dog Annual Booster Vaccination (with Kennel Cough Vaccine) £72.00
Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination £50.00
Kennel Cough at time of other £20.00
Cat/Kitten Primary Vaccination Course £72.00
Cat Annual Booster £52.00
Rabbit Vaccination (Myxomatosis & RHD1+2) £69.14
Rabies Vaccine (Dog, Cat or Ferret) £70.00


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Cat Castration £65.00 £58.50
Cat Spay £100.00 £90.00
Dog Castration (<20kg) £190.00 £171.00
Dog Castration (>20kg) £220.00 £203.00
Dog Spay - Open (<20kg) £250.00 £225.00
Dog Spay - Open (>20kg) £350.00 £315.00
Rabbit Castrate From £95.00  
Rabbit Spay From £115.00  
Ferret Vasectomy From £95.00  
Guinea Pig Castrate £80.00  
Guinea Pig Spay £120.00  
Cat Dental £157.00 - £514.00 10% Off
Dog Dental £160.00 - £540.00 10% Off

Pet Club

  Standard Price
Cat Pet Club Membership £9.00 - £15.00
Dog Pet Club Membership £9.00 - £26.00

Full details of the Pet Club can be found here.

The sample fees listed here are all inclusive of VAT and are correct as of January 2023. 

We always encourage our clients to ask for an estimate of fees before a procedure is carried out. For non-routine procedures we will need to examine an animal so that we can provide an accurate estimate. A consultation fee will be charged for this examination. 

Out-of-hours fees carry a surcharge and in an emergency it will often be impossible to provide an accurate estimate of fees. Please ensure you register with a local veterinary practice when you take on a pet, rather than waiting for an emergency.  

We encourage all pet owners to ensure they have funds available to care for their pet in an emergency and in cases of long-term illness. Purchasing a comprehensive pet insurance policy is one way to make sure your pet’s care costs are covered. It is very important you fully understand the terms and conditions of the policy you choose, as these can vary significantly. We will promptly and efficiently process insurance claims to ensure you are promptly reimbursed for fees incurred.

We recommend that you seek pre-authorisation from your insurance company before planned procedures, to ensure claims are settled in a timely manner. Our policy for processing insurance claims can be found here. 

Our team are always happy to explain the fees charged, and to discuss how best to accommodate financial constraints. We understand that veterinary fees can be difficult to meet and we do all we can to keep our fees reasonable. We employ highly skilled and experienced staff who provide an excellent level of care. All this comes at a cost, and our fees must allow the practice to be staffed and equipped to the standards our clients rightly expect.